2013 'Made by Moms' Holiday Gift Guide

      For the first time ever, Toeblooms owner Hallie House decided to release a ‘Made by Moms’ holiday gift buying guide for the 2013 Christmas season. Her hopes are to pay a little homage to the’Momprenuer’ club that her and Toeblooms belong to.

     ‘Momprenuers’ is the trending term for stay-at-home moms who have found a way to make lucrative businesses out of the time that remains after the kids go to sleep. House personally knows how difficult the task of running a family and a business is. Since her company launched in 2010, House has always felt immense gratitude to be surrounded by and to belong to such a strong group of successful women.

     On the Toeblooms 2013 gift guide you will find that every product featured was created and executed by mom businesses just like Toeblooms. There is a gift idea for a dad or mom, brother or sister and even an infant baby. Every gift is a cute, boutique-like items similar to Toeblooms, and almost all are easy on the pocket book.

     To see these cute items, and read the Toeblooms 2013 Gift guide you can CLICK HERE , or contact Hallie House with the contact info listed on this website.

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