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THANK YOU! Since the launch of our web-site in September I have received so much wonderful support from all of the ToeBlooms family, friends, and fans! Thank you all for everything! As exciting as starting this business has been for me, it has also been incredibly stressful and scary, so all the positive feedback has been so encouraging!

Throughout starting this business there were a lot of steps that my husband Ryan and I had to take in order to create a product that we could be proud of, which meant a lot of extra time on the computer, researching, emailing etc., a lot more running around and a whole lot of design! During that time my kiddos Jude and Lyla were along for the ride…literally and here are a few funny stories that allow you to see ToeBlooms from their prospective!

First of all, before ToeBlooms I honestly didn’t spend much time on the computer, I would check my email or Facebook occasionally but that is really about it, but once the idea for ToeBlooms came around that changed.  I found myself on the computer all the time and I didn’t even realize it until one day we were all playing in the living room, my son Jude, my daughter Lyla and myself, and I decided to walk into the kitchen and check the ToeBlooms Facebook page really quick, but right as I stood up and headed into the kitchen, Jude ran over and grabbed my leg and said “No puter mommy.. No puter pease” My heart just sank! I sat right back down and didn’t go near my computer for the rest of the day!! That was a much needed wake up call for me, my kids needed to be first always!

So when I mentioned that I had to do a lot more running around, I was not exaggerating, and my kids came with me everywhere so you can imagine what it was like with a 7 month old and a 22 month old…interesting to say the least! After sifting through all the flower shops and fabric stores in the Phoenix area, I found my favorites that I visited more often. One morning I pulled into the parking lot of one of my favs and Jude said “No mommy, No Trees mommy!” he referred to all the silk flowers as trees and was definitely not excited about looking at the trees again!

And then there was the design…I am incredibly visual so my daughter Lyla’s little feet became my models. I tried so many different styles on her she would automatically crawl away from me when I headed towards her with any type of material in my hand! Jude was so used to watching me try things on Lyla’s feet I would always find him wrapping my extra materials, ribbons even shoe laces around his feet! It is so funny the things little ones pick up on!

Needless to say it is a balancing act, and it is so easy to lose sight of what is most important especially when things get busy! I am constantly reminding myself that the kids are most important no matter what! Now I just have to continue to find ways to manage my time, if there are any moms out there that would like to offer up advice, I would love it!! Please send any time management tips my way!!

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April 26th, 2021

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