Featured on Arizona Morning Show: DIY Halloween Costumes

To be completely honest when the producer from the Arizona Morning show asked if I would be interested in putting together a DIY Halloween costume segment for her,I was a little terrified. Although I love all things DIY to be completely honest all of our past costumes have been store bought! The idea of making them myself was so
overwhelming I never even entertained the idea! But after this experience I can honestly say I am now a believer in DIY Halloween costumes! Not only did I save money on these costumes but I made wonderful priceless memories with my kiddos!

Now before I go into the details of the costume designs
there are a few things that I think you must keep in mind before attempting a
DIY project for or with your children.

  1. This is about your kids and for your kids, it is
    not up for a design award. Have fun with it and allow your kids to help, leave
    the perfectionist in you out of it.

  2. You will not get it all done at one time. Set
    small goals and stick to them. We all know kids have  short attention spans so make sure you break
    up the project into pieces, ie. Olaf Nose today, Ana Cape tomorrow. This will
    give your kids a sense of accomplishment with each project and allow you to
    keep your sanity.

  3. Find a place in your home that can stay “creative”
    (messy) for a few days. Because you won’t be able to finish your project in one
    sitting, it is helpful to have a place that you can leave a little messy. It is
    no fun to have to pack up all the crafting tools over and over again!

  4. Make sure you always take inventory of what you
    have at home before you go shopping. Get creative, remember it doesn’t have to
    be perfect, so if the costume or character you are trying to make calls for a
    dark blue dress, but you have a light blue skirt, go with the light blue skirt
    that you already have. The remaining accessories will make it work.  Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect!

The details for the DIY Frozen costumes that I put together are
below. They were all under $20.00 and we had a blast making them! See full
tutorial for the costumes here




What you will need:

1 light blue dress

1 yard of organza, or tulle

2 cans of sparkle hairspray

1 pair of girls white tights.



What you will need:

1 blue dress

1 black t-shirt

1 yard pink satin

1 roll of gold trim

1 tube of green glitter glue

1 pack of sequins/flowers ect.

1 black broach (optional)



What you will need:

1 oversized white hoodie sweatshirt

2 pieces black felt

2 pieces orange felt

2 pieces white felt

1 foam cone

1 wooden dowel rod



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