Moving Forward - Our New Arrival

It has been about 6 months since we first launched our products in Dallas, and although I have been thrilled with our success so far I am continually trying to think of different ways we can improve. Improve our products, our efficiency, lower our costs...the list keeps on going… and can be extremely overwhelming, but it keeps me on my toes!

Speaking of keeping me on my toes the newest addition to our family was born on December 6th! Her name is Piper Mae and she was 6 pounds and 3 oz. and we could not be more in love! It is amazing how there is always more room in your heart to love! She is truly amazing! And already a wonderful ToeBlooms model!

January is a big month for ToeBlooms we will be launching our new spring line! Hopefully…ha-ha and we are now represented in showrooms across the nation so this will be a big market month for us as well!! Please keep your fingers crossed!! I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays, it is such a wonderful time of the year! Soak in every moment with your family and friends! I know I will!!

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